Long Range Precision Build – On the Cheap… (Part Seven – Factory Bottom Metal and 10-Round Mags)

One of the things that drew me to the Savage was that the factory bottom metal was able to accept removable magazines. Not having to pay $210 + $70 for the new bottom metal and inletting of the stock was a big bonus for a budget type build. There are three different makers of 10-Round mags which will fit into the factory Savage bottom metal. I ended up going with the maker that was quickest in replying to my email. This happened to be Darkeagle Custom Inc. Darkeagle Custom also makes a replacement bolt handle and and extended mag release to finish up my project. Placed the order via email on Sunday. All items shipped on Monday and arrived Wednesday. Pretty impressive in my book. As you can see here, the factory 4-Round mag popped right out and the 10 round mag went right into place.




The mags are very well built. An aluminum body attaches to the factory upper body. There is a custom designed follower which has proven to allow for totally reliable feeding. The rear of the mag body has a window cut into it for a visual check of round count. When swapping over to the new stock the extended mag release was installed in just a couple of mins. This makes for easy mag changes when prone without having to dig for the little factory lever.


The finished product is very clean and functional…




A big thanks to Dan of Darkeagle Custom Inc. for supporting the Savage rifles with very well designed products. Dan is currently waiting on Savage to send out the correct bolt handle for my gun so he can trick it out and get it to me. When that arrives I’ll update the post.

To be continued…

(Part Eight will cover the initial results of the build at the range.)

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